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    Strategies for Dominating Local Online Marketing [Slideshare] [ReachLocal Boston]

    Last updated 4 years ago

    ReachLocal constantly strives to educate small and medium sized businesses on ways for improving online web presence.  Much of this thought leadership is developed and communicated by Mike Merrill, Director of Marketing for ReachLocal.  He recently discussed "Strategies for Dominating Local Online Marketing" [Slideshare Link] at the Texas Self Storage Association.  Mike discusses many relevant topics:

    • The state of online marketing in 2013
    • Why local marketing is so important
    • The evolution of local
    • Mapping your way to local consumers
    • 8 tips to improve your online reputation

    He sprinkles in ideas related to mobile advertising and SEO techniques.  This presentation serves as an excellent primer to online marketing.  I recommend it to all business owners and marketing managers.

    I would be happy to discuss this presentation and others. 

    Tom Kang. E: O: 617-340-4700 x117 

    AMA Talks About New Specialty: Social Media Manager [Article] | ReachLocal Boston |

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The American Medical Association has highlighted the increasing use of social media among hospitals and physicians.  In a recent article in American Medical News, Hospitals' new specialist: Social media manager, describes how some hospitals have created a new position to help manage social media.

    As the article goes on to describe, "part of why hospitals are heading in this direction is part of the general zeitgeist, the general awareness that these ways of communication and connecting with each other are transforming" hospitals and their relationships, said Robert Matney, a partner who follows health and social media for Austin, Texas-based consulting firm Social Web Strategies.

    "...Social media managers are hired by hospitals that already have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other sites. Usually, the position grows out of a realization that social media require more time and effort -- and have a worthwhile payoff."

    As the article goes on to describe, Ed Bennett, the director of web strategy for the University of Maryland Medical Center, keeps the closest thing there is to a comprehensive look at hospitals' social media presence.

    I am a highly experienced internet marketing consultant in the Boston area that is very familiar with all forms of online advertising.  If you would like to learn more about professional social media management and leveraging content marketing, please feel free to reach out to me (617.340.4700 x 117 or

    Anatomy of a SERP And How to Be Found [Infographic] | ReachLocal Boston |

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Is someone searching for your business?  Search engines like Google and Bing are now the most widely used resource to find local products and services.  When you type in a search the results appear in a Search Engine Result Page (or SERP).  

    Now you may never have heard of the term SERP.  The Urban Dictionary defines SERP as: "most commonly a female who goes after one of their friends' past and/or present love interests."  In this context, however, Wikipedia's definition of SERP is the one that we want: " the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query "

    Sure, you may be familiar with the search ads and local listings but are you familiar with snippets and sitelinks?  The infographic below breaks down the various components of a SERP:

    Embed This

    I am a highly experienced internet marketing consultant in the Boston area that is very familiar with all forms of online advertising.  If you would like to learn more about improving your visibility on search engines, please feel free to reach out to me (617.340.4700 x 117 or

    ReachLocal and Google Form Partnership to Expand Globally [Article] | ReachLocal Boston |

    Last updated 5 years ago

    ReachLocal has worked closely with Google since 2004.  From it's availability, ReachLocal has delivered localized search advertising that is optimized and efficient.  This pay per click solution is now one of many other ways that ReachLocal helps to expand online web presence.

    Recently, it was announced on Reuters that ReachLocal and Google have a formed a first time ever global partnership:  ReachLocal and Google Form Global Strategic Partnership.  The two companies will work closely together to expand into several new countries over the next three years.  The agreement represents an endorsement of our technology and service.

    If you have been unhappy with other supplier of PPC advertising, it's time to try us.  Please contact me so that I can review the value-added that we bring to these types of campaigns.  In addition, only ReachLocal can combine a PPC campaign with remarketing, content marketing, social media, reputation monitoring, and other exclusive lead generation techniques.

    American Dental Association Integrates Social Media Channels [Article] | ReachLocal Boston |

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The Board of Trustees of the American Dental Association voted to expand its social media reach with their decision on April 11. (See Board votes to integrate social media channels in ADA communications as part of 2012 strategic plan.)

    The Board of Trustees recognized that their are risks to using social media.  They determined, however, that ignoring social media would be an even greater risk to the Association because of the social media's benefits.   “Social media has become an integral element of the communications strategy for organizations across the globe,” said Dr. Josef Kolling, chair of the ADA Council on Communications, which forwarded the resolution to the Board. “...In order for the ADA to grow in relevance and fulfill our mission to the profession and the public, social media will need to play a role in our integrated communications process.”

    The ADA will implement a Twitter feed for The 2011 New Dentist Conference, which already has more than 650 Facebook followers...

     “I use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach my audience, which is my patients and the community in which I live,” said Dr. John Nase, a member of the Council on Communications and chair of the Social Media Workgroup...


    The American Dental Association has clearly embraced social media, content marketing, and reputation management.  As a dentist in a private or group practice, shouldn't you? 

    ReachLocal has been the pioneer in delivering internet marketing to local advertisers.  Recently, we launched a web presence service, ReachCast™, that can help you manage your social media platform, monitor online reviews, and generate fresh online content – all to enhance word-of-mouth activity and search engine discoverability.   ReachCast just won the Mashable Award for 2010 Best Social Media Service for Small Business

    Here is a ReachCast Video that explains more.  This service works best when combined with our exclusive lead generation and optimized PPC solutions. 

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